ERC provides this Speed Testing tool for measuring an approximation of the performance rate of internet services provided by ERC Broadband. It is based on HTML5, and is designed for testing “Carrier-grade Ethernet”. This test provides a significantly more “accurate” result than similar “consumer” type speed testing designed for DSL or cable-modems.

ERC provides this tool as a ‘estimation’ of overall bandwidth. Numerous factors – beyond ERC”s control – can affect your results. Including concurrent usage by other users, background tasks on the testing computer, memory size and processor capabilities, internal network configuration, internal network congestion, firewall performance throughput, packet inspection, etc.

All testing of ERC services must be over hard-wired connections. Using wireless, during testing, is not recommended. Testing over a wireless connection is highly affected by the wireless performance, and results may not accurately reflect the underlying Carrier-grade Ethernet services by ERC.

Recommendations for Testing

Further Testing

For detailed troubleshooting, or to perform the most accurate testing – a single connection from a laptop directly into the ERC switch is recommended. This assists the customer in removing all internal influences on testing speed. Please contact us if you need assistance in performing this test. Customers will need to ensure that speed and duplex, as well as IP addressing information – all are correctly set before performing a direct-to-ERC’s-port test.

For customers wishing to perform more extensive testing or over a longer period of time, ERC recommends the open-source tool “IPERF” for testing between two locations, across the ERC internet service.