ERC Broadband provides high availability, resilient, synchronous broadband Internet access and transport services across western North Carolina. This includes access to national research networks, direct private peerings to global content providers, and content caching for significantly improved reliability and performance.

To support this, ERCB maintains regional market Points of Presence (PoP)  supporting interconnectivity to regional and national networks, protocols for automated re-routing to geographically diverse upstreams, IPv4 / IPv6 address space allocation, and more.


ERC Broadband is a super-regional network connecting governmental agencies, schools, community and private colleges and universities, research institutions, hospitals and healthcare agencies, as well as other local and regional service providers to the Internet. Our broadband services are unparalleled in Western North Carolina.


Let our staff work with you to determine your needs.

Dedicated Internet

Symmetrical Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) subscribed in intervals up to 100 Gbps.

Network Reliability

Our network is designed and managed with low maintenance and high reliability in mind; backed by SLAs and our local rapid-response team if needed.


ERC Broadband offers a long haul or short distance point-to-point and WAN transport service that runs over fiber optic cable providing low latency, high reliability data capacity that connects multiple locations together.


ERC Broadband has dark fiber resources available on our regional network. Paths on the network may be selected in segments or leased as full rings. For more information please contact us.



Public Safety

ERC Broadband is a proud supporter of communities across the region by supporting public safety networks, public safety answering points (PSAPs), as well as directly connecting police and/or fire stations. If we can be of service to you, please contact us.

State/Local Government

ERC Broadband is a proud partner to the State of North Carolina, Municipalities, Townships, County Governments, and Councils of Government throughout the region. Among other services, we work with you to create a fiber-based network between your facilities and craft a network architecture that supports your needs. If we can be of service to your group/organization, please contact us.


ERC Broadband is a proud partner to the State of North Carolina’s higher education system, community colleges, public K-12 education, as well as independent colleges and universities around the region. If we can be of service to your organization, please contact us.




We support Education & Research Consortium of the Western Carolinas as a top tier provider of Weather Surveillance Radar 88 Doppler WSR-88D data in the United States, providing:

  • NEXRAD Level II data from radars made available by the NWS
  • NEXRAD Level III data products via NOAAPort
  • Real time monitoring system (data latencies, flows, radar status information)
  • User documentation
  • Complete data ingest system-level redundancy with diesel generator emergency power

NEXRAD Technical Information

National Weather Service //

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research //

ERC Broadband Status Links //



ERC Broadband supports Data Center colocation services that provide optimal conditions for collocating servers and network equipment in a 3,100 square foot climate controlled environment with raised floor space, UPS and long-term diesel generator back-up.  We offer round the clock system monitors with automated alarm paging, on-site security, biometric security, monitored site access, and pre-authorized facility use.

We can also transport you to or serve you at a number of regional partner data centers.

Carrier PoP

ERC’s primary and secondary PoPs in Asheville as both a network head-end and a collocation hub for national and regional carriers / ISPs to interconnect in a safe location. ERC’s PoPs offers protected AC and DC power, redundant environmental and connectivity into and out of more corners of the region than anyone else.